Introducing a summer fragrance into the building in the Fall is not OK with me nor should it be OK with you.

Next thing you know, people will be bringing bathing suits and pool noodles to Thanksgiving dinner. Or hell, let's play Jimmy Buffet's greatest hits CD on Christmas morning because apparently, what is right, what is just, no longer has any meaning. Everyone knows Hawaii with exotic papaya & hibiscus flower is a Summer fragrance. Have we no pride?

Every time I am convinced I work with the best and brightest, something like this pops up. We are so close to being the hardest working, smartest, most underappreciated group in all of media. We cannot get there, cannot hit that level until we work out this whole attention to detail thing.

Autumn also happens to be the f----g Super Bowl of smells. One cannot ignore the fact that the fall reigns supreme with aromas that bring us all great comfort. We fell short of excellence on this one as an organization and I'm not gonna let it stand. Hawaii in the Fall?

This type of oversight corrodes the human spirit and directly contributes to weakening the foundation of society.

For the record, Hawaii is a state not a smell. If Air Wick decided to start banging out New Jersey themed smells in a can, we have something. That's quite the distinction, maybe it should be the new state slogan: "New Jersey, both a state and a smell" Meditate on that.

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