According to the NY Post, an unidentified student has been circulating a petition around the campus of Brooklyn College. The petition aims to keep NYPD officers from using the campus bathrooms.

The college public safety officer, Donald Wenz, has completely folded to his terrible students. Wenz wants the officers to use a bathroom on the edge of campus, so students don't have to see them. According to one student, the bathroom is gross and is barely functional.

Why would the students NOT want NYPD officers on campus?

One student said told the Post:

...we do not want the NYPD on campus in any respect, even if it’s just to take breaks and use bathroom. I know students from every background and across every major. They don’t feel comfortable around cops. They just don’t. It makes safe spaces feel not so safe.

Well, this makes me sick.

I'm sick to know that I live in a world where this kind of disrespect for our police officers exists. I'm sick that this is how the future leaders of our country think. I'm sick that the school's administration would bow down to this nonsense. I'm sick that this "Safe Space" garbage has not gone away.

Who are these students going to call when their "safe space" actually becomes "not-so-safe?" The NYPD, that's who. They will show up and save the asses of the spineless weasels that are currently spitting in their face.

I'm not saying that there are not cases in which power is abused by police departments in this country. There are obviously some problems. Problem officers should be investigated. If they are truly abusive in their roles, they should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This, however, is ridiculous.

Our police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and all emergency personnel risk their lives everyday and this is the thanks they get? What I really take from this is how damaging this "safe space" ideology is going to be for our country long-term. There are no safe spaces. Not in this world. You are not safe anywhere. Not from violence, and certainly not from ideas. This is poisonous and running rampant.

Do better, millennials. This is why everyone is certain you suck.

If you want to reach Brooklyn College and let them know what you think, here is their info:

Campus and Community Safety Services Office
0202 Ingersoll Hall
P: 718.951.5511

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