An ACE Hardware store on Eighth Avenue & 38th Street was caught price gouging on Friday (3/6/20) by the NY Post, selling bottles of 1200 ml Purell for $79 and 2 Liter Bottles for $109. They are apparently not familiar with the term price gouging nor do they seem to know it's an unethical practice since they were all too proud to tell the Post:

We sold about fifty of those today.

The Post reached out to ACE about the Scheman & Grant Hardware stores insane sanitizer prices and a company spokesperson said its retailers “are independent businessmen and women with sole control over the operation of their business, including pricing decisions and policies,", adding "We can’t speak to pricing within an independent retailer’s organization.”

After NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio called it price gouging, a Post reporter tried to get a manager at Scheman & Grant to comment, but they declined.

Shame shame, know your name, Scheman & Grant Hardware. Y'all are a bucket of suck and now everyone knows. I don't get down with hand sanitizer, I just wash my hands the correct way, when I should. I don't want to coddle my immune system like Dwight Schrute. I also have a survival shelter in Northeastern, PA like Dwight.

Dwight - "Could be one month, could be two months."

Jim - "Three months?"

Dwight - "Could be."

Jim - "Four months?"

Dwight - "I could see that happening, yea."

Jim - "Eight months?"

Dwight - "That's a realistic timeline."

Jim - "Eleven months?"

Dwight - "Perhaps."

Jim - "Wait, wait, really think hard about this one, one year?"

Dwight - "I could see that as a very real possibility."

Jim - "494 months?"

Dwight - "I could see that happening."

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