It was bound to be in the forecast eventuality this winter, now the National Weather Service is saying there's a chance for our area to get hit with our first Nor'easter of the season on Monday.

First things first though, according to the National Weather Service, the deep freeze we have experienced over the last few days will give way to moderating milder temperatures over the next day or so, but don't get too comfortable, by the end of the week and into the weekend we'll get back to single digit overnight temperatures.

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Looks like the coldest air is expected to impact Litchfield County as well as parts of New York state, Massachusetts and Vermont with the wind chill factor making it feel like 15 below zero beginning Friday night

That will change again as we get back to work on Monday, which is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Right now, the NWS is calling for a coastal storm Friday that will pass well offshore, bringing wind and maybe some tidal flooding. The bigger story will be a Sunday into Monday storm. Heavy snow, rain, wind and more flooding are all possible.

Now I know we've heard this many times before, but with the Polar Vortex moving out, it will give way to a low pressure system working it's way from the south to hug the coast and head our way. Even if it's not a major winter snow storm, it looks like it's on for us in some way, shape or form.

Right now, and I know it's still a bit far out, but early computer models are showing a mix of snow, to sleet, to rain for our area Sunday night into Monday.

Accu Weather Image
Accu Weather Image

So if you're trying to figure this whole thing out, remember weather is not an exact science, but if you look at the percentages at this time, if you live on the Connecticut coast, you have a 50-60 percent chance to see some type of wintery mix Sunday night. The percentages decrease as you get further inland. Snow or rain is also in the forecast for Monday, however temperatures are expected to rise to around 40 degrees.

Don't run out just yet for the milk and bread, but be ready and keep your eyes on the forecast as we get closer to the weekend.

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