Sure it's a mini-horse but the miniature part does not negate the horse part. It's still a horse and it's on a plane. According to Metro not only did a woman enter an airport with a horse but she flew with it. Last week, passengers aboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha were stunned when a woman boarded their flight with her emotional support horse.

The horse is named "Flirty." "Flirty" has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her owner/friend claims the flight was a positive experience for "Flirty" but she prefers to drive with "Flirty" and that air travel is for emergencies only. The woman says she cannot fly with an emotional support dog due to allergies and has been training horses for years.

A horse on an airplane? To need the support of a horse on a plane you have got to have some serious emotions. Horses don't belong on planes, cause they are, ya know, horses. But what the hell do I know? It seems as if everyone had a good time and maybe I would have too, if I saw 'Lil' Sebastian' here causally stroll down the aisle of the plane.

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