Life sucks, get a helmet. This is what I say all the time on the Ethan and Lou show. Yesterday was a helmet day. Without getting into the specifics of it, it just was not fun. When I have a bad day, I get into bed as early as possible and chalk it up as a loss. I did just that.

This morning, I woke up, knowing that the thing that bothered me yesterday was not going away. I also woke up to a bagged lunch, the one pictured above. If you can't read the note it says: "I love you so so so much! Today is a better day, Love me. The bag also says: "It's garbage day so take out the trash." Fair enough.

The bag contained a sausage, egg and cheese wrap and a whole container of blackberries. I got an awesome meal and some kind words to start the day from my wife Erica. It was a great start to the day and further proof that she is the best human being I know.

This bag took me on a roller coaster of emotion and the wrap was  spectacular. Today IS a better day.

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