You'd figure that if you're being taken to the emergency room, you're pretty much getting the best of care from the time that you're in the ambulance, until you get inside the emergency room. Well, for one patient on Sunday night, things reportedly got a little out of control, as he was being taken to Norwalk Hospital.

According to the Norwalk Fire Department, an oxygen tank exploded on a gurney that was carrying a patient into the emergency room at Norwalk Hospital on Sunday evening (July 21) right around 7:30 PM. One of the two EMTs walking with the gurney was treated for minor injuries, but no one else was hurt in the blast.

At that point, the hospital got busy, getting the area cleaned up right after the explosion. There were reports of burn marks on the wall and ceiling of the emergency room as a result of the explosion, but the hospital was back to normal operations by later Sunday night.

The Norwalk Fire Marshall is investigating the explosion.

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