Connecticut ranks #5 in the nation for disease-carrying ticks with 36,727 cases reported. New York State ranks second with 69,313 cases reported.

Chris Fuentes is the founder/inventor of the 'The Pic20 Group' based in Norwalk and the makers of the new Ranger Ready Repellant line of tick and mosquito sprays.

Fuentes has a special hatred for disease-carrying ticks because Lyme Disease ended his running career.  He and his three boys were seriously impacted by Lyme disease while they were living in Wilton. His son, Matthew, an award-winning runner at Wilton High eventually contracted Bell's Palsy because of Lyme.

Fuentes's spray doesn't use DEET like most bug sprays. The active ingredient in his Range Ready spray is picaridin which is not toxic like DEET. When sprayed on, Picaridin has been tested and proven that it's far and away the best product in keeping mosquitos and ticks away from the skin. To find out where to purchase 'Ranger Ready Repellant' click on 

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