You want to make someone angry? Add 15 minutes to their commute. This inconvenient scenario has played out for Northwest Connecticut commuters over the past three weeks. Why? Because some brainiac attempted to get an over-sized backhoe through the West Cornwall Covered Bridge and damaged 21 of the 23 overhead wooden support beams.

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Come on man. I'd love to read the transcript of this incident and read the excuse. As a result of the damage, the West Cornwall Covered Bridge has been closed off to thru-traffic, and a detour has been in place since December 28, 2022. Good news though, the bridge has been repaired, and has been fully re-opened. Nice job CT D.O.T.

This is great news for commuters, including my wife. We live in Torrington and she works at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville. For the past three weeks, she has had to take the 15 minute detour set up by the DOT in order to get to and from work. Adding an extra half an hour to her commute has been an inconvenience, and I can't imagine what it did disrupting the businesses and citizens that live and work near the bridge itself. We take these vital pieces of infrastructure for granted, and something as historic as this bridge needs to be better protected.

The West Cornwall Covered Bridge has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975, and there are plenty of signs warning you of it's 10-11" height restriction. I know appearance is everything, and modern LED flashing warning lights are intrusive, any ideas? Anyway, please be careful.

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