I bought my condo a year ago, and the fun I had through that entire process was looking at the cheapest condos that I could find. Prices have recently started to fall, and there are some places available around Connecticut for just over 20 thousand dollars.

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I took a look around Connecticut on Zillow this morning, and I found a condo in Simsbury for just over 20 grand. Everyone posts about 25 million dollar mansions that only 2 out of a thousand can afford to own. Here's a place for the rest of us, a home that costs less than your average new vehicle. Warning - There's a steep HOA fee involved, more on that later.

Step Inside the Cheapest Condo on the Market in Connecticut

House prices are finally falling down a little bit, to where you can actually find a home for under 20 grand. The cheapest condo on the market today in Connecticut is in Simsbury, take a look at what 20 grand can buy.

Ok, the bad news - The Home Owners Association fee is probably going to make you choke, it's $1,085 a month. What does that include? All utilities except for cable, phone, and internet, and you get weekly housekeeping and linen changes, among other community living perks. You have to be over 55, and pass an interview with the director, PLUS ownership is subject to Probate approval. Still interested?

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