Not only was Fridays' storm a doosy, it had a deadly outcome for one man in Connecticut.

Last weeks Nor'easter was weird to say the least. My plan was to head to Woodstock, NY late Friday afternoon. While our immediate area was being pummeled with rain and gusty winds, my family was reporting rain, wind, areas of very heavy snow and power outages. I decided to wait until the dust cleared and make the trip Saturday early morning.

While my travel was uneventful overall, Mother Nature proved once again her fury. Parts of the drive there was no snow on the ground at all, other parts had huge snow drifts, and power lines were down. At one point we drove under the canopy of a tremendous tree limb overhead that was split and hanging up in a power line with no crews onsite yet. As we went under it, all I could think of was that if it fell in that moment we could be killed.

Sadly that is exactly what happened in Connecticut on Friday.

In a story from, state police have identified the young man who was killed by a tree that fell on his car Friday afternoon as 25-year-old Jonathan Rodriguez-Melendez, of Hawthorne, New Jersey. Police say he was injured fatally when a tree fell on his vehicle, a Mini Cooper, which was traveling south on Route 15 between exits 33 and 31, near the Stamford-Greenwich line.

Rodriguez-Melendez, who was driving was declared dead at the scene. The other passenger, also a New Jersey resident, was taken to Greenwich Hospital with minor injuries according to police.

Shortly after I got home on Friday a large tree in my neighborhood uprooted right from the earth and toppled over. Add to that, the huge limb we passed under on Saturday's drive, and it's easy to see how the heavy rain and crosswinds easily could have caused more deaths.

Brace yourself, the National Weather Service is reporting that more snow is in the forecast for Tuesday night thru Wednesday night. Damn you to hell Punxsutawney Phil and your six more weeks of Winter prediction!

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