A little while back, we wrote up an article celebrating two Connecticut businesses that added an airborne disinfectant system into their restaurants that would allow safer indoor dining come these colder winter months.

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This disinfectant system came from a company right down the road from our station, Danbury Winair Company. Their products are meant to advance indoor air quality with a technology set to contribute to fight off COVID-19.

Good news! We have a Phenomenal Aire Disinfectant system to give away to someone in the community. To learn about the disinfectant system and how it works, see here.

In a press release from the website, it is stated that "Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator technology cleans air safely and produces no harmful byproducts." This product is meant to cleanse indoor air, and to essentially deactivate the COVID surface strain with a 99% reduction.

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i95 image

We have decided that this Airborne Disinfectant System should go to one of our local businesses. Please fill out the form below to nominate your favorite local business who you think should receive this. Submissions end on January 24.

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