While the iconic Macy's in New York City isn't on the chopping block, many others are.

All of my overspending in retail has finally helped. At least here in Connecticut. Sadly I didn't have time to go around the country to shop til I dropped. Evidently a boatload of folks kept a bit of a lock down on their wallets in 2016.

First, the bad news. According to nbcconnecticut.com Macy's is closing 68 stores across the country after a less than impressive holiday shopping season. The company says the move is part of a restructuring that will save it about 550-million dollars a year. About 39-hundred jobs will be affected by the closures though and Macy's plans to lay off an additional 62-hundred employees as it streamlines corporate operations and management.

Now the good news. No Connecticut stores are on the newly released list of Macy's department stores closing across the country. Seems as if I'm not alone in my spending habits. Word is that Connecticut is one of four locations where the company is planning to open a new store, though not until Fall of 2019, so anything can happen.

Uh - Oh, more bad news. Five of the locations that are closing happen to be in Florida. Apparently I didn't do enough of my part shopping while on vacation. My bad.

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