This week I am calling it the "Who Cares League", it may change from time to time, but for this week it will be the WCL. We have an NFL weekly pick challenge going on between the two sides of the Townsquare Studios in Brookfield/Danbury, DJs versus the Salesmen.

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The true essence of what we have here is a good versus evil, right versus wrong type of stuff. I don't think I have to clarify who is on the "good side" and the "bad", so let's see where things stand after four complete NFL weeks of picks.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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The "Who Cares League" follows the Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, and the two New York teams (Jets/Giants). We picked those teams because the of building's rooting interests, proximity, and doing all the games is way too much for our purposes, so we are going with those seven. Heading into this week the Salesmen (bad side) are 65-43 and the DJs are 57-51, that is a whopping 8-game lead:

Salesmen Overall Record:   65-43

1. Big Joe - Last week: 5-2   Overall: 19-8

2. John D - Last Week: 4-3   Overall: 17-10

3. Tom P - Last Week 5-2   Overall: 15-12

4. Big Daddy Ech - Last Week 3-4   Overall: 14-13

DJs Overall Record:  57-51

1. Lou - Last Week:  4-3   Overall:  15-12

1. Dave - Last Week:  5-2 Overall:  15-12

1. Rob - Last Week:  4-3   Overall:  15-12

4. Ethan - Last Week: 3-4   Overall:  12-15

This week's games are NY Giants vs Green Bay (in London), Pittsburgh at Buffalo, Detroit at New England, Miami at NY Jets, and on Monday Night Football Vegas at Kansas City.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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This week's pics break down like this:

Salesmen winners:

John D - Green Bay, Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, KC

Tom P - Green Bay, Buffalo, New England, Miami, Vegas

As of press time, I did not have Michael or Big Joe's winners lists, but I do have confirmation that they are secure and will be counted later.

DJs winners:

Ethan: Green Bay, Buffalo, New England, Miami, KC

Rob: Green Bay, Buffalo, Detroit, Jets, KC

Dave: Green Bay, Buffalo, New England, Jets, KC

Lou: Green Bay, Buffalo, Detroit, Miami, KC

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Getty Images

The big one this week is Vegas visiting Kansas City on Monday Night Football. That kind of puts me and Lou Milano on opposite sides of the field, but it is all in good, clean fun there may be some kind of wager involved so tune in to find out. May have to get the folks at FanDuel involved and make it really juicy. Good luck to everyone, have a fun NFL-watching weekend, and I will see you all again very soon.

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