Back in 1986, Richard Crafts was convicted of killing his wife, then using a wood chipper to get rid of her body.

It was the talk of Connecticut at the time, and the first time ever in the history of the state that someone was convicted of a murder without having a body as evidence.

According to, the horrific act took place back in November of 1986, when police say that Crafts killed his wife Helle Crafts, froze her body, then decided to use a wood chipper to dispose of her body.

This was long before the internet and social media, so if it wasn't for a witness who reported seeing a wood chipper being used in the early morning hours in Newtown, then police wouldn't have searched the area and found bone pieces, body tissue, and small amounts of human remains.

Police were able to connect the dots, and charged Richard Crafts with what has become known as the "wood chipper murder."

Now here we are in 2020, and Crafts, now 83 years old has served 33 years in maximum security prisons at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield and the Cheshire Correctional Institution.

Since Crafts was sentenced under an old Connecticut law that allowed for sentence reduction for good behavior, he was released Saturday to a halfway house in Bridgeport.

From there the next step is total freedom, and a release from the halfway house this July.

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