I'm just going to say it. Would you move into a new apartment constructed inside a refurbished building that used to be a part of the psychiatric hospital, Fairfield Hills? Many ghost hunters and paranormals have been through the old, dilapidated psychiatric hospital and have seen some disturbing sights and swear that some sections of Fairfield Hills are haunted.

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According to a ctinsider.com article, Newtown voters will decide the fate of affordable housing at the former psychiatric hospital on election day, November 3. The referendum is about whether to allow commercial redevelopment in no more than two vacant psychiatric hospital buildings.

In 2004, Newtown purchased the property for $3.5 million. In a 2019 survey of 1,800 residents, housing was not a popular option. The ultimate goal is to transform the former psychiatric hospital into the civic and cultural center of Newtown. Many Newtowners are afraid housing would spoil the park-like character.

Fairfield Hills
Fairfield Hills

The bottom line is it will cost the town $25 million to demolish the buildings if nothing is done to the abandoned structures. It all comes down to two choices, tear them down or convert them for affordable housing.

I've watched many videos from so-called ghostbusters and paranormal 'experts' about what they believe went on inside the hospital in its heyday. The following video was produced by CT Spirit Investigators, who brought along their paranormal gear to Fairfield Hills on June 11, 2020. Will this affect the vote on affordable housing on November 3? I think not.

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