According to News Times, four abandoned buildings, once a part of Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown, has been selected for demolition by Newtown's Department of Economic and Community Development.

The four buildings included in the demolition plans are Plymouth Hall, Stamford hall, Norwalk Hall and Conchran House. The article went on to say that as much as local residents have come to appreciate the buildings, officials say it is unfair for taxpayers to maintain unusable buildings.

The buildings date back to when Fairfield Hills Hospital housed 4,000 psychiatric patients in 16 buildings during the late 1960s. On December 8, 1995, the hospital closed its doors, and patients were transferred to Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown.

In early June of 2001, the Town of Newtown purchased the hospital from the State of Connecticut. Since 2001, a major portion of the Fairfield Hills campus was designated for commercial, municipal, and cultural use.

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Through the years, various stories have been told and written about concerning what went on inside the psychiatric hospital during its heyday, which included hauntings and paranormal activity.

Deep tunnels were built beneath the grounds leading not to lecture halls or the student union but confinement rooms, psychosurgery laboratories, operating rooms, and even a morgue. From the Connecticut Post, there's an article dated October 30, 2017, titled: "Where Will the Ghosts Go When Fairfield Hills is Torn Down?" where paranormal investigator Rose Porto stated:

Spirits tend to stay at a location even if the building is torn down and something else is built. Some spirits are aware of their surroundings and see these changes being made, and some spirits are stuck in time and always see it the way it was."

Check out this YouTube video titled, "Fairfield Hills: The True Story" Or is it?

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