The Newtown Police Department has just released an image of a red Mazda 3 (pictured above) and they are requesting the public's assistance with identifying the driver of the vehicle following an incident that occurred on South Main Street yesterday afternoon.

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According to the NPD, dispatch received a 911 call at around 5:10 PM on Wednesday afternoon from someone who's been described as an older, white male driving a red Mazda 3 that featured a prominent dent in the driver's side rear-bumper, which you can see in the photograph above.

The 911 caller, who police say is the driver of the Mazda in question, allegedly said that the driver of a black Nissan was waving a gun at him as they were both traveling North along South Main Street (RT. 25) through town. Police eventually located the black Nissan and its driver, who cooperated with officers and was apparently found to actually not be in possession of a gun at all.

In a statement, Newtown Police Lieutenant Aaron Bahamonde said, "Police are conducting an investigation into the complaint, and would need your help in identifying the driver of this red Mazda 3, we are seeking further information from him and unfortunately we are not receiving the cooperation needed to conduct our very serious investigation."

Awful, I travel Rt. 25 - South Main Street often on my way into work and I've seen quite a few instances of road rage occur, especially if there's been an accident on I-84 and all of that traffic pours onto city streets.

Falsely accusing that someone has pointed a firearm at you is just absurd and put a lot of people in a possibly life-threatening situation. Contact the Newtown Police Department at 203-426-4841 if that red Mazda looks familiar.

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