Hollywood has the Oscars, Music has the Grammys, and if you're looking for excellence in sports, then it's got to be the ESPYs.

The ESPY Awards are given out each year by ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the calendar year.

This year, the Newtown High School Football team is in the running for the "Can't Stop Watching Moment of the Year." Millions have already viewed the famous last second touchdown pass from quarterback Jack Street to Riley Ward that gave the Nighthawks a 13-7 win over Darien, and competed their undefeated season with a Class LL State Championship, the schools first since 1992.

Not only has the pass become historic, and captivated the nation, but it also happened on the seventh anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Newtown had entered the voting as the number 10 seed, but now the video has made it all the way to the Final Four in voting.

Newtown's head football coach Bobby Pattison had this to say about his team's success in a recent tweet:

I am so proud of this team and what we have accomplished! Good things happen when you set goals and work hard everyday. Honored to be nominated! Please take a moment to vote.

We'll have to wait till this Sunday night to see if Newtown takes the ESPY, the award show airs at 9 PM on ESPN. You can watch the other video's nominated in the "Can't Stop Watching" category, and you can still cast your vote HERE.

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