Most people that have had wedding plans canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak are struggling to set another date when the crisis is over, but not for one New York City couple, nothing was going to stand in their way.

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler had their wedding date set for October, but decided not to wait in case the virus outbreak got worse, so they did what any couple in the midst of a crisis like this would do, they figured they would have a quick courthouse wedding.

According to, they got their marriage license on Thursday, but when they returned to city hall on Friday, they were told that all marriage ceremonies were shuttered indefinitely.

Just as they were ready to put their plans on hold, they got a text from a friend telling them that he was ordained by the county clerk of New York and could do the ceremony.

After a few more text's back and forth, the couple had secured a minister, and would be able to get married outside his 4th floor apartment window.

Now the couple knew that they had to practice social distancing, so they finished up with their on line work meetings and met outside their friends apartment building as Matt Wilson preformed the nuptials from the window of his building in Washington Heights.

Reportedly Jennings and Wheeler were very happy with the way the ceremony worked out, and it just goes to show that no matter what the circumstances are, when it comes to love, it conquers all.

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