Do we really have to ruin every one of my life's simple pleasures lawmakers? Taking home the sample shampoo, lotions, and soap products from my hotel is just a small way that I feel justified in paying $200 a night to rest my weary head, and that may be going away?

The New York State Assembly legislators have just passed a bill that states that as of January 1, 2025, hotels in New York with over 50 rooms will not be able to provide small shampoo, moisturizers, toiletries, or hospitality personal care product in small, plastic bottles, under 12 ounces. Only large hotels in New York (Over 50 rooms) will be held in compliance for the first year of the ban, as of 2026, all hotels in New York State will have to comply.

The bill was introduced as part of a larger effort by New York legislators to cut down on single-use plastic, according to the New York and California are the only two States that have adopted this type of ban into law, but Washington will introduce it's own ban in 2027.

Leading me to speculate that it's only a matter of time before lawmakers from Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania smell what New York, California, and Washington are chopping away from our hotel stays. The good news is the major hotel chains are well aware of what's coming, and cooking up ways to help us to not shuffle out of their expensive hotels rooms looking like a hot mess. Full-size shampoo bottles, moisturizers, and dispensers full of product may be in our future. Until then, I'll be using the shampoo I swiped from my stay at the W in Times Square.

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