For the first time in a decade, the Danbury Fair Mall is looking at expansion.

The tells about an expansion project is being considered for the Macy's corner of the mall with the ultimate goal of adding new stores, restaurants, and/or specialty entertainment.

Currently, the trend for many mall owners is to add non-traditional businesses like Danbury Fair's opening of a Kidz Club play outlet. Next up for the mall is a virtual reality arcade called VR Fun Place. The expansion would extend the Macy's building 100 feet from their southern facade.

Another building is being planned for the access drive that circles the mall which would measure 22,000 square feet. In the process, 100 parking spaces would be eaten up for the expansion. According to Danbury Fair owners, Macerish,  96% of the mall's space is occupied which is up 4% over last year. If you could choose which stores are added to the Danbury Fair Mall expansion project, what would they be?


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