Introducing Connecticut's first Amazon retail store.

My morning show partner, Lou recently wrote about the new 'SoNo Collection' shopping mall opening soon in Norwalk, CT and I've just learned from the Norwalk Patch that the online retail giant, Amazon will be opening up their very first retail store in the new mall.

This particular store is one of their 'Amazon 4-star' retail outlets where Amazon applied customer ratings, reviews, and sales data from their website to stock the store with only 4 or 5 star rated products.

A spokesperson for Amazon has already made job listings available for the Norwalk location with more to come soon. Amazon 4-star products will include books(yes, the ones where you can actually turn pages), electronic devices, kitchen, home, games, etc.

Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce company, so why are they opening brick and mortar stores? According to, Amazon is trying to shave some of their shipping costs and believe it or not, not everyone shops online. Some of us still like to see, touch, and feel what we're about to purchase.





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