The SoNo Collection is the new shopping mall set to open October 11 in Norwalk, CT.

According to the CT Post, there will be no traditional food court area, but there will be some sit down restaurants, an outdoor garden and place called "Pinstripes" where you can eat, bowl or play Bocce.

Reportedly, not all the stores will be ready for the Grand Opening, but the doors will open in October and Nordstrom will be one of the stores that is ready to go. The address is 100 N. Water Street, Norwalk, CT.

Top 6 things I love about shopping malls:

  • The smell of brand new sneakers.
  • Walking through stores that sell modern tech gadgets, playing with them, then leaving without making a purchase.
  • They are always so bright and sunny, even when it's cloudy out.
  • Parking garages. I love parking garages -- it's the squeak of tires, I think.
  • Food courts. I love food courts because you don't have to align your food mood with your friends. Everyone gets what they want and we all sit together. (too bad this place won't have one).
  • One-stop shopping. I can get a haircut, pierce a hole in my face, buy a friend a gift, get new jeans and eat a meal in under three hours.

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