It took national attention to finally kill Vasi's Taverna on Watertown Avenue in Waterbury. As we reported back at the beginning of January, after 18 years, and almost a year after an ultimately miserable makeover from celebrity super chef Gordon Ramsay, Vasi's closed down permanently on December 28, 2019. I guess it's the nature of the beast, very very few restaurants stand the test of time, especially in Waterbury. People still moan about missing Phil's Steak and Lobster, The Farm Shop, and The Pie Plate.

It's in a very busy location, this stretch of Watertown Avenue is full of commerce and traffic. They're tearing down a hill/mountain further down the street nearer towards Municipal Stadium, to build more commerce and office and stores, etc. This stretch of real estate's future looks pretty bright, I would say. So, I was kind of, but totally surprised as I drove by the other day and found that there has been some renovation going on again at 1700 Watertown Avenue in the Brass City.

Photo by Large 'Yeah, I miss Phil's too' Dave
Photo by Large 'Yeah, I miss Phil's too' Dave

The former blue and beige Vasi's/Ramsay color palette has been changed over to a red/maroon theme. The name of the place is going to be RiverHill Restaurant. I did a search, and found absolutely nothing for this place online yet. Obviously the pandemic has ground the restaurant business to a halt, but this location has what looks to be a really nice outdoor patio option already. With Vintage 471 opening right up the street recently, two new places in this stretch of Waterbury/Oakville is a pleasure for me to inform you about. Good luck RiverHill.

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