Mrs. Large and I were out last night running a few errands, and we drove by where one of our old favorite restaurants, Tequilas, used to be in Oakville. We were surprised that the space that Tequilas formerly occupied was in full renovation mode, but even more so that a new restaurant had already opened up in the plaza.

With all of the bad news that we're inundated with every day, I'm very happy to report that there is a new Italian Restaurant, Vintage 471, located at 471 Main Street (Rt. 73) in Oakville.

According to their website, Vintage 471 is serving Lunch and Dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 11AM-2PM, and 4:30PM - 8PM. You can see in the image above, they've enclosed a portion of their parking lot with colorful Jersey barriers, and there looks to be tables socially distanced apart. I can tell you that while we were sitting there and snapping the photo you see above, the smell from the kitchen was wafting over to our vehicle, and oh man, it smelled good.

Italian is the cuisine at Vintage 471. Taking a quick glance through their online menu, some of the dishes that stood out to me were 471's version of a Charcuterie Board that they've dubbed the '471 Provincal Lath', the list of ingredients on that one made my mouth water. A decadent Paella, Livorno Chicken Tuscany, Shrimp Brodetto, and the must-have for me, Calamari Fritti, round out a very nicely thought out menu.

Although we didn't make a stop in last night, we will be in the very near future. Good luck Vintage 471, I can't wait to try out your white clam sauce Fettucine. Drooling again.

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