With all of the bad news that we read everyday about how the pandemic is killing small businesses, especially restaurants, it's great to see a local place dig in and take the brave step to expand and try something different.

I love getting direct-mail menus to new restaurants, especially pizza places, and that's what happened to me over the weekend at my home in Waterbury. I got a new menu in the mail from a new pizzeria that recently opened up right down the street from my house.

It was from Mary's Pizzeria, which is located at 437 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury. It should be a familiar place and name for those of us who have been to the address in the past, its the former location of Mary's Diner, which has "Mooooo'ved" their famous bovine mascot up the street and taken over the former Jimmy's 2 location. Actually, I think their famous cow is still above the Pizzeria? I gotta go check it out and confirm.

The menu for Mary's Pizzeria is classic, they offer a bunch of different appetizers to start, including chicken wings and fingers, fried calamari and mootz, and a bunch of different salad combinations. They offer a nice selection of entrees, including burgers, stuffed breads, calzones, hot and cold grinders, wraps, and pasta dishes. The pizza selection looks great with a nice selection of both red and white specialty pizza choices.

Mary's Pizzeria is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11AM to 9PM, and Sundays from Noon to 8PM. They do offer delivery. Check out their website by clicking HERE

Good luck Mary's Pizzeria, I'll be ordering some wings and a white Mary's Special very soon.

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