Recently, Danbury City Councilman Roberto Alves announced he would run for the office of Mayor, and his announcement came first on the Ethan and Lou Show. Sitting Mayor Joe Cavo joined the show in his regular weekly guest spot Thursday (1/14/21) and we asked him what he thought of the news. Cavo replied with the following:

"I have only known Roberto for a little bit over a year. He came on the council, sort of, I guess you would say as a freshman and I really haven't had a lot of interaction with him directly in that years time.

Ya know, he's been a member of that body that I served on as well, as the other nineteen were as well.  I try to interact with everybody equally, I try to be fair with everybody and I'm always happy to see people that want to get involved."

He continued by saying, "I would say that too many people just take a very bad attitude towards politics and don't want to involved and I'm always pleased when somebody wants to be involved in politics."

Cavo replaced Mark Boughton in the middle of his term when Boughton took an appointment with the State under Governor Ned Lamont. To this point, the sitting Mayor has yet to commit to a re-election campaign. We asked Joe Cavo if Alves' candidacy announcement alters his decision making process at all, he replied:

"Not in the slightest. I am so busy here, you know we have so much going on with the COVID situation and the vaccine rollout.

And, we are so far ahead of the game here in Danbury rolling out vaccines and you know I've got to give great kudos to our health department for the tremendous job that they've done in the vaccine clinics that we are doing here.

We are going to start with 75+ this coming week and my focus really guys have been just on getting kids back in school, you know getting our people vaccinated, controlling these numbers and working with our business advocates and our City Center on how we see us post COVID.

Rolling out and getting our businesses back up and operational at 100%.

I focus, I don't have time for anything else, so I haven't even thought about running again. I've just been so focused on doing a good job here. This is about serving the public and that's what I need to do. Politics will come later for me at some point just not right now.

There is too much going on to be splitting off my energy into another direction. I'm just really focused on what we are doing now."

Finally, we asked the Mayor at what point he feels he needs to announce his intention to run and mount a successful campaign and he said:

"I honestly haven't even really thought about that. I know that sometime in March, by March, April, if you are going to be a serious contender in a local municipal race you have to be in it by then. So, I'll make my decision as we get closer to that time."

You can hear from Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo, every Thursday morning at 8:15 on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95.

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