The United States of America used to be one of the world's most esteemed countries until it wasn't on January 6, 2021.

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We all watched in horror as thousands of angry and armed insurgents stormed the U.S Capitol building with only two weeks left before Joe Biden's inauguration. State Capitols across the country are now on high alert as threats of riots have increased, including Connecticut's State Capitol in Hartford.

The Hartford Courant has reported that heavy security and road closures are in place amid fears that President Trump supporters will descend upon various state capitols and wreak havoc, especially on Inauguration Day, this Wednesday, January 20.

The FBI has highly recommended that all states remain vigilant, warning that state Capitols could face attack. Even though no specific threats have been made against Connecticut, state officials have stepped up security and closed roads surrounding the Capitol building.

Armored vehicles were in full display along Capitol Avenue and front of the Legislative Office Building. State officials stated that a show of force is necessary to deter possible violent actions.

In our nation's Capitol, the Department of Homeland Security has designated the Presidential Inauguration as a National Special Security Event complete with barbed wire fences and 15,000 National Guard troops.

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