The owner of Kimberly Farms, John Kimberely, made it official this morning when he told me personally that a new ice cream shop is being built across the street from the farm.

The legendary farm, born in 1955, has been in the Kimberly family for three generations now. I recently had the opportunity to talk with John about the new addition when he reminded me I DJ'd his wedding back in 1985 when I was a bit slimmer and had hair on my head.

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For 20 years, the Kimberly family has dreamed of opening their own retail ice cream shop across the street from their retail location. Now it's soon becoming a reality with a possible opening date around the 4th of July weekend, but John said that is an optimistic projection.

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Farms...
Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Farms...

Because my son, Matt, his wife, Kelly, and our grandkids live in close proximity to the farm, my wife Mindy and I stop at their retail store on Route 109 in New Milford quite often because everything, and I mean everything sold is homemade. From vegetables to milk, ice cream to baked goods, it's all made at the farm.

You might be wondering why you would drive to a farm on Route 109 in New Milford to enjoy a simple ice cream cone or any of their homegrown products. All it takes is one taste of anything to answer that question.

In the future, John said that he plans to open the shop in the spring and keep it open until late October or early November. I almost forgot to tell you about their homemade milk and chocolate milk which tastes like a milkshake. Check out the Kimberly Farm by clicking this link.

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