If the Town of New Milford declares a snow emergency, you will need to know the new snow parking procedures. According to Facebook posts from both New Milford's Mayor and the Department of Public Works, when a snow emergency is called by Town officials, the lot next to the Railroad station will close at midnight during the storm.

New Milford Mayor Pete Bass said that locals raised concerns about snow removal in the lot after the last storm and cars were left overnight in the lot. There are now clear signs by the Patriot Way Parking Lot that indicate where you can park on even or odd days during snow events.

Any questions can be directed to:

  • Mayor Bass - pbass@newmilford.org  860-355-6010
  • Public Works - 860-355-6040

I can't get mad at New Milford for putting in place a procedure to fix a problem but let me tell you, these jobs are difficult to get to. You go to work to make money to care for your family. It's increasingly more expensive and annoying to get to the job just to keep your head above water. At what point to we all decide the cost and effort are not worth it? If you do the math, it might be worth staying home. Let's go back to bartering. I'll churn butter, you bake bread. When you need butter, call me, when I need bread, I call you.

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