What you're about to see is a real Ring camera video shared by the New Milford Police Department.

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It was posted to their Facebook page on Monday (08/21/23) morning and appears to show a suspect walk toward a car on Sterling Drive, possibly with the intent to steal it but the motion lights kick on and the potential thief turns around in a hurry.

Along with the video the NMPD posted the following warning:

"New Milford police and the community need to work together to stop these thief's who come to our town to steal! They have no respect for the property of others, as you can see in this video from Sterling Dr. There are things that you can do to help stop them, including: motion lights, locking your car, not leaving the key fobs or valuables in car. We are increasing patrols and asking for the public's assistance to call the police when you see something suspicious."

Look, this is happening everywhere and I just don't get it. What I cannot wrap my head around is the age of most of the thieves. Juveniles are stealing cars in alarming numbers in Connecticut. An August 18th article from CT Insider says:

With more than 600 arrests for auto thefts during the first six months of the year, Connecticut lawmakers are grappling with the fact that 20 percent of the criminal defendants are juveniles with three or more similar offenses on their records.

The numbers of juvenile car thefts are so drastic lawmakers had to act and they signed a new law that will hopefully deter potential car thieves. According to House Dems CT, This law makes juvenile arrest and delinquency proceedings more effective by:

  • Requiring youth who are arrested but not detained to be brought before the court within five business days.
  • Increasing from six to eight hours the amount of time a youth can be held if police are awaiting a judicial ruling on a detention order or are trying to locate a parent or guardian.
  • Providing police officers with access to electronic records containing statewide pending charges and 90 days of prior arrest records.
  • Allowing courts to formally order that a youth be assessed for services.
  • Expanding the special juvenile probation docket to include homicide and firearm crimes.
  • Allowing courts to order GPS monitoring for a youth charged with a second or subsequent motor vehicle offense.
  • Establishing a new structure for motor vehicle thefts with penalties that become more serious for subsequent offenses rather than basing penalties on the value of the vehicle.

We read about this on the I-95 Morning Show every morning. The stolen car numbers go higher and the thieves get younger. Here are just some of the recent headlines we've covered on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show:

Waterbury Plagued by Rising Car Thefts Linked to Repeat Juvenile Offenders -CT Examiner - June 23

4 Juveniles Arrested for Stealing Cars & Bicycles in Branford - WFSB - June 8th

Vehicle Thefts Are Up In Connecticut, But Experts Say Juvenile Justice Laws Aren’t To Blame - NPR/CT Public Radio - July 14

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It's in every Connecticut paper every week, actual babies stealing cars.

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