In the aftermath of recent drownings in the area, New Milford Police have taken to social media to warn residents of the dangers of the Housatonic River.

Back in June, two men from Danbury lost their lives while fishing by the Bleachery Dam, one man slipped into the raging river and the other slipped in trying to rescue him, both were declared accidental drowning victims.

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With summer storms, that seem to be very prevalent this year in Northwest Connecticut, causing the Housatonic River to be extra active and dangerous. The New Milford Police Department have taken to social media to warn residents of the danger that the roaring river possess.

The Police Department posted a message on Mayor Pete Bass's Facebook page to explain to residents that the river should not be used as a recreational area, it is dangerous and could cost you your life.

Two of New Milford's finest, 1st Lt. Sean Delaney and Police Chief Spencer Cerruto shot the video in front of one of the most dangerous parts of the river, the Bleachery Dam.

Part of the warning talked about the powerful currents and under currents that can trap even the most experienced swimmer. They also warned people who boat, canoe and kayak on the river to follow all safety protocol.

Back in June, after the two Danbury fisherman lost their lives, the New Milford Police along with Water Witch Hose Company No. 2 posted signage along the river warning people about the dangers of swimming or fishing in the area. Now the latest is a video with a stern warning from officials about the river.

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