The state medical board has ruled that a New Milford physician prescribed un-needed painkillers. The doctor in question disagrees.

The doctor who was fined $5,000 by the medical board is longtime New Milford pediatrician, Dr. Josef Burton. According to Connecticut Health I-Team, the medical panel found the 76-year-old Burton guilty of failing to treat two patients with mental health and addiction diagnosis. He was also placed on probation for two years, and is forbidden to prescribe specific controlled substances.

Burton gave one patient methadone and suboxone, which are two drugs that are used to treat addiction, but failed to consult addiction specialists first. The second patient had been treated twice for drug overdoses, and Burton continued prescribing methadone and suboxone.

An expert found out that Dr. Burton never even discussed any type of treatment plan with either patient. Burton countered by explaining to the medical board that he spent hours counseling both patients to get clean while working with their parole officers. He also said the pain medication was justified, because one of his patient's had a lower back injury and a broken jaw he had suffered from a fight.

Dr. Burton claimed that the punishment was too harsh even though he admitted making some mistakes.

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