The New Milford Police Department has been busy recently and now they're seeking your assistance to resolve an alleged shoplifting incident.

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On September 5th, the New Milford Police Department shared the photos above and below on their Facebook page.

New Milford Police Department
New Milford Police Department

Authorities said "the two individuals stole multiple items" from the Tractor Supply Store on 204 Danbury Road in New Milford. They added that the pair "left the scene in a newer model gray Kia Sportage."


The thefts were said to have taken place at approximately 5:37 PM on August 26th, 2022. The male suspect is described as a Hispanic in his 20's and wearing gray shorts, long with a black shirt, long hair and sunglasses. The female suspect is also said to be in her 20's and was wearing a blue dress.

Anyone with any information that can assist the New Milford Police Department is being encouraged to reach out to Officer Stephen #145. Members of the community reacted to the Facebook post with a variety of helpful comments, including:

Stephen B. wrote: "Lenny Kravitz?" 

Don H. said: "Wow Jon Snow really hit rock bottom."

Crystal G. said: "Are those socks with sandals? That's the real crime here..." 

Let me quote Michael Scott and say "BOOM, ROASTED!"

There was one more comment that grabbed my attention, Barbi wrote: "Why didn’t the employees stop them?" This was something I only learned the answer to recently. Until mass shoplifting incidents started breaking out, all over the State of CT last year, I had no clue that employees are told they should not try and stop shoplifters.

This blew my mind but it's true, and I've spoken to a number of people in retail that have been instructed by their employers to let shoplifters walk out the door without confronting them. They are supposed to get a good look at the suspects so they can report them to the authorities but they can't try and stop them.

That seems seriously counter-intuitive, but I'd assume that is about keeping the employees safe. If someone is unhinged enough to steal in broad daylight (allegedly), they may also be willing to get violent.

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