It's been a roller coaster ride for students in New Milford, but now the district has announced that there is a target date for a return to full time in person learning.

In a year that saw full time remote learning and school buildings closed due to the pandemic, the latest news from school officials has to make parents and students pretty happy.

It's been a gradual process for many schools in the area, as the district has taken extra precautions not to reopen full time too early, but now it looks like the time is right for New Milford Middle School and New Milford High School to finally get back to full time in person learning.

Pre-K through second grade students in New Milford returned full time on March 1 and then on March 15 it was third through fifth grade returning to the classrooms.

Now the district has set April 26 as the day for the middle and high school to return to in person learning.

According to, until the April 26 date, New Milford Middle and High Schools will continue to observe half day in-person learning that will be split between two groups every Wednesday. Then the week following spring break, the schools would return to a full remote schedule in order to mitigate any COVID-19 infections.

In an email sent by New Milford School Superintendent Alisha DiCorpo, and based on a survey sent to families, the Middle and High School are expecting between 82 to 85 percent of students to be back for full in-person learning, with the rest of the student body remaining on remote learning.

With the new CDC guidance of keeping students three feet apart instead of the initial six feet announced late last week, it should make things easier to accommodate more students per classroom. The school district also plans to order the proper materials to make sure social distance guidelines are upheld, those would be set up in common areas in the school building's.

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