Saturday afternoon proved to be an eventful one for New Milford's Water Witch Hose Company #2 and local arborist Shawn Emmons of Emmons' Tree Service.

At about 2:30 PM, the fire department took a call and was dispatched to Ridge Road with reports of a small hang glider stuck in a tree. The pilot was still restrained in the glider and uninjured, but the ground was found to be too soft for the department's ladder truck.

The fire department called in Shawn Emmons, who according to Water Witch's Facebook page:

quickly went to work using his expertise as an arborist, climber, rigger, and rescuer to deliver the pilot to the ground unharmed.

All is definitely well that ends well in this case. As Water Witch further goes on to say,

All kids want to be firemen, but all firemen want to be Shawn Emmons.

Shawn Emmons
Water Witch Hose Company #2 via Facebook

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