The closing of a local business is always sad, especially when a national store replaces it. Bagel lovers of New Milford, it's happening to you today, but don't be sad, in your case, there's an excellent local replacement on its way.

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In an announcement just posted to their Facebook page, Bagel Barn, at 312 Danbury Road in New Milford, have said that they've permanently closed. The good news? Bagelman is moving into the Red Barn.

The "Bagel Alert" statement says - "Bagel Barn has closed but will reopen soon as Bagelman with expanded hours and days. Stay tuned for more details. We want to thank our customers for your patronage. It was a pleasure serving you. Please continue to share the love with Bagelman! See you around town."


Bittersweet, absolutely. But, I have to say, I'm very excited to have my precious Bagelman Eggplant Panini that much closer to me. Bagelman currently has three area locations: Mill Plain Road and Padanaram Road in Danbury, and Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield. Think about that Northern New Milford residents, you won't even have to dip your toe onto the highway portion of Rt. 7 for a fresh dozen and a cup of inspiration behind that orange logo.

Comments are already adding up on the post, residents are showing their love for Bagel Barn and expressing their sadness over the sudden transition. Thank you for your time in serving us in New Milford Bagel Barn, I really enjoyed the 2 or 3 dozen that I've had from you, and congratulations on your Northerly expansion Bagelman, I'll see you soon.

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