This coming Sunday, Metro-North Railroad introduces a new schedule on the New Haven line and if you'er a local commuter, here's how it will affect your commute.

The new schedule is not going to be a permanent one, as it'll only be in effect from this Sunday, April 14 through June 29, as Metro North gets ready for spring repairs.

So how will this new schedule affect your commute? It looks like some trains will now leave earlier and it will take extra time to travel between Connecticut and Grand Central Station. It also looks like the schedule changes will effect train times both during the week and on the weekend as well. Here's exactly what Metro North had to say in a press release about the new schedule:

The New Haven Line capital investment program is designed to improve the reliability of the railroad and set the stage for higher speed train service over the next several years. CTDOT has been working with Metro-North to minimize train conflicts and unexpected train delays. During the 2019 construction season, travel times from Connecticut to Grand Central will increase temporarily, as trains will be required to slow down through work zones. The minutes of additional travel time will vary by time of day and for each train. Metro-North will restore train schedules at the conclusion of the construction season.

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