Connecticut has just added the 31st medical condition to its medical marijuana program.

According to an article on, on August 28, Connecticut approved 8 new medical conditions that will be covered by the state's medical marijuana program and now according to, a new condition has just been added.

The General Assembly's Regulation Review Committee has just approved that the condition known as chronic neuropathic pain associated with degenerative spinal disorders is now eligible for treatment using cannabis. Currently, there are 29,543 patients enrolled in Connecticut's medical marijuana program along with 1,000 physicians.

Here's some good news for marijuana fans. The first ever legal recreational pot shop east of the Colorado Rockies will soon be opening in Northampton, Massachusetts for anyone 21 and over looking for a variety of cannabis blended products. To learn how to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut, click on

Just an FYI, Northampton MA is a measly 102-mile drive from the center of Danbury, a 100-mile drive from the center of New Milford, and a 111-mile drive from Brewster, New York. Something else to keep in mind, according to, it is federally illegal to transport legally purchased recreational  and medical marijuana across state lines.

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