Straits Turnpike car dealer employees, rejoice! Today you have a new lunch and dinner option along car dealer row, and it's a good one.

Jersey Mike's has officially opened up their doors for business and they're slinging their signature grinder sandwiches out of their brand-spanking-new storefront at 595 Straits Turnpike. The new Jersey Mike's is located inside the totally renovated former Kmart building in the 10 Acre Mall shopping plaza.

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This is the second Jersey Mike's to open up recently, there's another brand new one that just opened up on Rt. 7 in New Milford at 169 Danbury Road. The Watertown location is Jersey Mike's 23rd here in the state of Connecticut.

As I was saying at the opening of my article, this is a welcome lunch and dinner option for the area. Watertown McDonald's has been there for years, LaBonne's does a great hot lunch and dinner bar, there's the Golden Palace, Sakura Restaurant, and a Lebanese Grill in the plaza where Staples is, and a Dunkin and a Smoothie place near Stop & Shop, but, that's about it. I used to like the Frankie's Express that used to be in the gas station on the corner of Bunker Hill Ave, but that's long gone.

Jersey Mike's offers up hot and cold subs in a variety of sizes, sides, beverages, and a kid's menu. They offer catering, and from my friends here in the Brookfield location (Yo Connor!) Jersey Mike's is a very locally-focused, generous community partner. So, it's a welcome addition to our community. Good luck Watertown Jersey Mike's, I'll be in this weekend to pick up a nice fat #17.

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