Have you seen the new I-84 Project concepts? They are out and you can now take a look at what the state has in store for the Danbury area.

In an effort to ease congestion and make your traveling experience a better one, the Connecticut Department of Transportation has put together an initiative to reduce congestion and improve the mobility of people and vehicles in the I-84 corridor of Greater Danbury.

Some of the concepts being developed have been released through their Project Danbury Twitter page.

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Now keep in mind, these are just project concepts and do not necessarily mean that this is the final word on what will happen. These concepts are being released to let the public check them out, and submit any questions or concerns they may have with the preliminary project concepts.

So far, three of what looks like seven different concepts for areas in and around Danbury have been released. Here's what these concepts look like, what do you think?

Concept #1: seeks to create lane continuity, eliminate left exit ramps, and where possible, improve horizontal curvature and vertical geometry. This concept endeavors to maintain the current alignment of I-84 and stay within the existing right-of-way to the greatest extent possible.

This concept seems like the lighter lift of the three concepts released. The elimination of left exit ramps is probably a good thing, and who doesn't love the idea of improving horizontal curvature and vertical geometry.

Concept #6: seeks to improve vehicular travel conditions in the vicinity of Interchanges 3 and 4.

There's really not too much info here, but if your a regular commuter on I-84 and are tired of always having to slow down between these two exits, this may be the concept your rooting for, and the answer to your prayers.

Concept #7: seeks to straighten the I-84 alignment in the vicinity of the Interchanges 2 and 4. For this reason, a tunnel and open-cut sections are considered on I-84 on the west side of the project corridor.

OK, this is the holy grail of all the projects released so far. Definitely the heaviest lift, hey we're talking about a tunnel here. Now I get where they are coming from, but is this area really that bad? And are local residents and businesses in the area ready for the chaos?

Now don't panic yet, this is a long term project and once all is finally approved, work probably wouldn't even begin until later in this decade, and is projected to continue until sometime late in the 2040s.

Here's an overview of the Danbury area that will be affected by the I-84 Project.

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