Michael Randall, the man who perished in a West Street, New Haven fire died trying to get others to safety.

Randall's sister, Clarise described her twin brother as a 'hero' when he gave his life helping his friends escape the flames that killed two and injured five others. inside the West Street home. Clarise told WTNH that Michael was always thinking about how he could help others. One woman named Kathy who lived in the three-story house told Clarise from her hospital bedside,

Your brother saved my life. I would not be here if Michael didn't bring me to the window and get me out. I told him to come, but he couldn't fit through the window and was going to go through another one.

Michael Randall went door-to-door trying to rouse other occupants awake and out of the house but was caught in the blaze trying to save another occupant in the house, Corey Reed who also wasn't able to get out in time. Sixteen people lived in the three-story home on West Street where many of the rooms were rentals.

Randall lived on the third floor where there was only one exit. Many witnesses told WTNH that there were absolutely no smoke detectors in the entire house. A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family to help with funeral costs.



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