As a responsible small dog owner, it hurts even when I read news concerning the mistreatment of animals, especially dogs. An incident occurred this week near Squantz Pond in New Fairfield involving a Yorkie, and I just can't make sense of why the owner's of the small pup would allegedly do such a thing.

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According to the Connecticut State Police, on an 82 degree 4th of July afternoon at approximately 1:48PM, the Resident Trooper, and numerous New Fairfield Police Department personnel responded to an unnamed business parking lot on Rt. 39 in town on reports of a Yorkie locked in a parked vehicle. Responding officers discovered a small Yorkie in distress, locked inside the dark colored vehicle, and all of the windows were rolled up.

The unnamed business owners told officers that they had not authorized the vehicle to be on their property, and did not know who the owners were. Being that it was 82 degrees outside, and the responding officers had no idea how long the poor pup had been left inside the vehicle, they rescued the Yorkie by breaking out the vehicle's driver's side window.

New Fairfield Police/CT State Police
New Fairfield Police/CT State Police

Officers quickly brought the distressed Yorkie into an air conditioned cruiser, and thankfully, the poor pup recovered quickly. New Fairfield Animal Control Officer Kim Kraska took custody of the Yorkie, and brought it to New Fairfield Animal Control. The owner of the Yorkie was reportedly located at Squantz Pond, and charges were pending at last check.

It's sad that there needs to be constant reminders to never leave your animals alone in a vehicle on a hot day. Has common sense disappeared? Pets are not permitted at Squantz Pond State Park from April 15 - September 30, and only in the picnic areas and hiking trails, on-leash, from October 1 - April 14. If you run into this situation, I hope that you have the right idea - turn around and bring your poor pet home, into the air conditioning, or at least shade. Unbelievable.

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