It just might be time to get that rusted out 1982 pickup truck out of the front yard.

According to an article on the website,, New Milford and New Fairfield are considering cleaning up derelict properties in their respective towns by proposing blight ordinances. What exactly is a blight ordinance? You might be asked to clean-up your old rusted out car up that's up on blocks in your side yard or a couple of lawnmowers lying around that went belly-up in '93.

A blight ordinance is your town asking you to get rid of all the junk that may be littering your property. In New Fairfield, this will be the fourth attempt in six years to pass a blight ordinance. New Milford is currently trying to decide whether to replace the ordinance they've had in place since 1999 or have it revised. Pat DelMonaco First Selectwoman of New Fairfield told the NewsTimes:

We really want to work toward getting these properties cleaned up and we're willing to work with the property owners.

Homeowners in both towns that have neighbors with blighted properties are worried about safety concerns and that they might hurt their property values. Another issue is that many blighted properties are now abandoned.

Currently, officials in both New Fairfield and New Milford are gathering input from their land use enforcement officer, fire marshall, and health director to help design a blight ordinance that fits the needs of both the town and its residents.

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