A New Fairfield man was arrested for possession, manufacturing, and selling illegal assault style firearms. 

The Connecticut State Police say that Michael Giannone possessed a large cache of assault style weapons. Detectives discovered 65 AR-15 assault style rifles and handguns, which Giannone was selling out of his home at 38 Merlin Ave. in New Fairfield. Detectives just recently wrapped up a months-long investigation.

Here's what the Connecticut State Police found:

♦59 Total Firearms

♦9 Illegal, Unregistered Assault Rifles

♦2 AK-47 Assault Rifles

♦5 Complete Assault Style Rifles without any Serial Numbers

♦1 Rifle with an Illegal Silencer

♦2 Additional Silencers

♦65 Illegal High-Capacity Magazines

Connecticut State Police Photo







After he dropped his child off at Meeting House Hill School in New Fairfield on March 24, police stopped him and discovered he was carrying a firearm while on school property. They had obtained a search warrant and brought him back to his home and found 59 complete firearms, 48 of those firearms were illegal. After searching Giannone's two family vehicles they came up with more firearms and firearm parts. State Police also confiscated tools and equipment that are used to make homemade assault rifles.

Connecticut State Police Photo









After his arrest in March, Giannone was charged with firearms trafficking, two counts of possession of an assault weapon, two counts of sales of an assault weapon, possession/sale of high capacity magazines, and illegal magazine transfer. He turned himself in at the State Police barracks in Southbury.

At the conclusion of the investigation more charges were added like 65 counts of possession of high capacity magazine, improper storage of firearms, risk of injury to a minor, and possession of weapon on school grounds. Giannone is being held on $100,000 bond.


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