Something's got to give for neighbors of Airbnb renters.

Back on August 2 of this year, I wrote a blog about some New Fairfield residents  complaining about Airbnb renters in their neighborhood. The Zoning Commission hosted an open meeting addressing homeowners concerns about their neighbors who rented out their homes through Airbnb.

According to a current NewsTimes article, this past Wednesday, October 3, New Fairfield's Zoning Commission hosted their third meeting that attracted 50 residents hoping to get some answers about short term regulations for Airbnb rentals.

Homeowners have been concerned about noise, septic, and parking problems caused by the renters. Airbnb renters chimed in saying renting their home is an excellent source of extra income.

So now what? Residents are looking to the Zoning Commission for some answers. Many of New Fairfield's residents who attended the meeting spoke out in favor of banning Airbnb's in town altogether. Zoning informed concerned residents they are working on some short term regulations. Chairman John Moran had this to say:

The hard part about New Fairfield is we don't have the enforcement people and we don't have the money.

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