Dog owners in New Fairfield and on Danbury's east side have a new area to let their pooches run.

According to, Danbury's new 'Marjorie Reservoir Dog Park' is set to open on Peck Road so I decided to ask Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton what prompted the idea for a new canine play area? Here's what he told me:

The original Danbury Dog Park draws hundreds of dogs and dog owners a week. Adding an additional park will provide greater access to dog owners who live on the east side of Danbury. And...Ellie likes it too!"

The Mayor added that the original dog park near the Danbury Airport was becoming overcrowded. The new dog park measures in at 2.5 acres and technically isn't officially open yet but the Mayor added that "Dog owners are still welcome to take their pets there." Keep in mind that your dog must be licensed to use the park.

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