Our employers are quite the progressive group. They are always challenging us to break out of our comfort zone and try new things. The latest, is peeing in the dark. I'm always down for a good test of my own boundaries.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Anyone who has ever seen one of these energy saving light switches knows what I am talking about. About twice a year, this thing goes rogue and just does not work. This morning was one of those glorious times.

You see, you turn the regular, old school switch on and nothing happens. Then, you hit the little button on the bottom right. The light turns on like magic. That's when you unbutton and start your business. And THEN, the light shuts off.

If it's not your first rodeo, you can get 5% of your urine in the receptacle. That's the best percentage you can pull off, even if you are a pee-pee sniper. If you love a good personal challenge, drop by and relieve yourself here at the i95 studios.

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