The Brookfield Selectmen have unanimously approved a $78.1 million plan to build a new Huckleberry Hill Elementary School.

Now that the Selectmen have approved the plan, it's now passed along to the Board of Finance who will consider the proposal to renovate the Huckleberry Hill School and build a new three-level school for about 1,130 students, that would include pre-kindergarten classes all the way through fifth grade.

According to, if the finance board votes to approve the project, then a special town meeting would take place in January, and then a referendum would follow in March.

The proposal also includes a plan to apply for a state grant that would bring the initial cost down to 63.3 million.

So how will Brookfield taxes be affected if the proposal should pass during the March referendum? Looks like based on this initial proposal, the average homeowner would see an increase of about 7.7% by 2023, then every year after that the increases would be less.

The new building would also lead to restructuring of current classes. Fifth grade students at Whisconier Middle School would be moved from the Middle School to the new Huckleberry Hill School. There would be a new fifth grade academy, and pre-school through first grade students would stay in a new early learning center at the new school.

If the project gets final approval from residents during the March referendum then construction would be slatted to begin in the fall of 2020, with students moving into the new building by the fall of 2022.

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